Rental Service

Tastech Mobility offers a friendly and affordable rental service for Christchurch and outer regions. 

Make it safer and easier for yourself.
Recover at home with greater comfort and reduce the risk of post-operative dislocation or injury.

Where will equipment assist?

• Going to the Toilet
• Sitting & Standing
• Remaining independent
• Showering
• Picking up items


What equipment is available?

Over-Toilet Frame: Adjusted to the correct height, with handles, it ensures sitting and standing is more comfortable.

Shower Stool: Shower safely with a shower stool for stability and comfort.

Orthopaedic Chair: Set to the correct height, it will ensure sitting and standing are safer.

Reacher: A long handled reacher will ensure that you can pick up items with minimal bending.

Walkers: To remain independent while transferring meals or household items.

Lift & Recline Chairs: Perfect for after surgery to assist in getting in and out of a recliner with ease.

Other Equipment available includes:
Crutches, Bed Blocks, Chair Raisers, Sofa Raisers, Kitchen Trolleys and Bed Levers are available on request.


 Ask about our Hip & Knee Rental Package Service
This service includes delivery, set-up, instruction and collection. Equipment is hired out at a fixed cost which extends to a maximum period of 6 weeks.


Please send us an email or use the Contact form with your inquiry and we will get back to you in a timely manner!